Connect with nature Once in a while it is a highly recommended habit, since it not only helps us to relax, it also fills us with the positive energies necessary to deal with the routine. And a great way to meet nature is feeding and looking at the birdies to come to your garden with the bird feeders that we recommend below. They will be your new favorite visit in the morning:

1. AshmanOnline: hanging feeders

Aerial Bird Feeder Kit Includes 1 Steel Pole rust resistant 91 inches tall and 22 inches wide, 4 hooks, bird bath, and 3-pin base to attract wild birds. You can adjust the kit containers to any position you want without the need for tools.

2. Sherwoodbase: feeder with drainage holes

This aerial feeder in the shape of a house has a semi-removable roof which makes cleaning and filling easier. It features four platforms, feeder hangers, and rainwater drain holes. The best thing is that it will be extremely easy to install.

3. Dawn of Pets: large capacity aerial bird feeder

made with polycarbonate tubes Durable and metal alloy, the feeder can handle extreme weather conditions and contain 450 grams of seed mix. Due to its design and its high ceiling, it will prevent water from leaking while keeping the birds’ food dry.

4. North States Bird: little house feeder

This aerial bird feeder is made of plastic for easy cleaning. It comes with attached cord that will allow you to easily hang it plus a top elevation of the feeder for you to fill. Available in other designs such as farm, lighthouse, church …

5. XDW-GIFTS: Solar Powered Aerial Bird Feeder

Made of glass mosaic, a material waterproof and durable, the bird feeder will allow you to save energy since it is powered by solar energy, turning the lanterns on and off with each dusk and dawn, it will also allow birds to feed 360 °. Does not require assembly.

6. Collections Etc: birdcage feeder

The aerial bird feeder is rustic and french design with elegant parchment details. It has 6 perches with feeding slots that invite birds flying in your garden to eat while keeping squirrels away. Easily hang it from a tree branch or metal stand.

7. More Birds: glass bird feeder

Made of glass, the aerial bird feeder has over 20 ounces of hummingbird nectar, plus its red ports and perches will attract hummingbirds to your garden or patio all season. Due to its wide mouth, it will be easy to clean and fill according to the standard of the feeders.

8. Perky-Pet: squirrel proof bird feeder

This aerial feeder features a black powder coat finish rust resistant. Its design locks the lid, thereby keeping squirrels away. It provides 4 u-shaped power ports and is capable of holding up to 2.5 pounds of seed.

9. Pet Zone: lighthouse feeder

Weather resistant And of attractive design, this aerial feeder does not require tools for its assembly and gives you a capacity of 1.5 pounds of seeds and it will be easy to fill and clean.

10. BV: hummingbird feeder

This bird feeder has been built in Ant moat, which prevents leaks and obstructions to the ports. With it, you will have 5 ports of colored flowers and large hangers. It will be easy to install, clean and fill with nectar. Best of all, it can hold up to 16 ounces of hummingbird nectar.