Decoration and protection for your room.

The bad thoughts and negative actions that surround us on a daily basis in the external environment where we operate, could become harmful energies for our health, and if we take them with us home, they would end up damaging our sacred space. To prevent this from happening, we present you the 10 dream Catcher ideal to remove bad energy from your room or home.

1. Dreamcatcher with flowers

The flower design and beige tassels with white feathers with gold tips that rest on this beautiful dreamcatcher, makes it unique in its presentation.

It is appropriate to put in any area of ​​the house giving a touch of elegance and good vibes. You can too give it to your favorite person so that you take care of your dreams and make your bedroom warm.

2. Dreamcatcher with feathers

The following model is a traditional dreamcatcher that captures negative vibes and takes them away from the environment. Its white color attracts purity of good feelings. It has a wide ring made of iron that will allow you to hang it anywhere in your room.

The Chicieve design, created with high-quality natural materials, you can take to your room and to that of your children, parents and grandparents to recharge them with the best energy and discard the bad.

3. Dreamcatcher Turquoise handmade

This decoration of 50 centimeters long, is made with natural feathers High quality with circle or metal ring and wooden beads made entirely by hand.

It is a beautiful design that complements any space in your home where you want to place it. Its creators advise sliding the feathers in the direction of the sleeping person to take care of your dreams.

4. Dreamcatcher of beads and feathers

The handmade decoration is 11 centimeters long and is made with thread and feather material that makes it resistant. This composed of yellow beads and transparent in the center, with brown tassels.

This dream catcher is ideal to hang it in your room to catch any nightmare and make it a good dream.

5. Dreamcatcher with LED native style

This model inspired by the native american style It has LED lights that give a magic touch to the dreamcatcher made with threads, metal and feathers, and it comes with two free-charge batteries that last between 24 and 72 continuous hours.

When you buy it, you will take with it a beautiful Kraft gift bag that protects the environment and you can take home a decoration that will take care of your dreams and it will take the bad guys.

6. Dreamcatcher Turquoise

Awaytr’s dreamcatcher is a 40-centimeter handmade model made with turquoise and purple feathers that will give a special touch to the decoration of your room with this beautiful copy with beads of the same color in the center that encourage good energy.

Place this model in the place where you usually rest and think about your life projects, to fill you with good energy and cast off any bad dreams.

7. Dreamcatcher of 5 rings

This presentation is made with colors like red, turquoise, green and mustard and it is made up of 5 rings that make it a model worth hanging in your home.

Beautify even more your spaces with this dream catcher of 5 rings that will invade your room good energies.

8. Dreamcatcher with feathers 3 circles

Each ring is carefully handmade with feathers and brown fabric in its nets that are based on a legend of the American natives.

You can place it in your room hanging on the wall and in that of your relatives to give each one the protection of their dreams and thus ward off bad energy.

9. Dreamcatcher vibrant colorful

The presentation of this dreamcatcher is unique for its vibrant colors that good energies emanate wherever it is installed. It is made of metal, with beads and feathers, all of the highest quality that makes its use extend over time.

Designed with royal blue, sweet pink and purple it makes it ideal for vibrant and dreamy people so it will take care of every dream that occurs during the nights and serving as a shield to prevent the passage of the bad.

10. Pink Dreamcatcher for the smallest

The E-Shine dream catcher is made in soft pink tones, perfect for a child’s room. It has a diameter of 8 inches and hanging it on your bed will help you fade nightmares.

This pink edition is special to bring peace and good luck to your home. You can hang it in your room or even the car to carry the good wishes to do with you. Dream big and remove bad vibes with this delicate specimen.