Relax in the sun and enjoy your vacation with these comfortable chairs.

The Summer Vacation They are one of the most anticipated moments for everyone because it allows us to disconnect from the daily routine and we escape to beautiful and relaxing places with our family and friends to enjoy a well-deserved time of relaxation by the sea. The important thing in these cases is always to be equipped with a good Beach chair It is foldable, light, resistant and fresh to guarantee a comfortable stay. That is why we prepare a list with the 10 best models for you to have a great time without having to spend a lot of money.

1. Folding chair with wood

It is a beach chair made with a antioxidant aluminum frame With a wooden armrest, which is 12 inches tall, supports up to 250 pounds of weight and can be adjusted to four different positions. It has a zippered pouch for cell phone, drink holder and padded headrest.

2. Folding chair with awning

This folding chair made with a stainless steel frame and polyester fabric supports a weight of 225 pounds; In addition, it is designed with an awning that you can adjust at different angles to protect yourself against UV rays, making it an excellent shelter from the sun.

3. Chair with lumbar support

This beach chair has patented lumbar support technology that is healthy so you can stay seated for hours without affecting your spine. It also has cup holders, padded armrests and extra large feet that prevent it from sinking into the sand and mud while you enjoy the outdoors with friends and family.

4. Chair with double compartment

It is a modern folding chair that is designed with a ventilated mesh suspension that adapts to the posture of the body, and with an aluminum structure that you can adjust in five different positions. It includes removable headrests and a carrying case with double insulating compartments to keep snacks and drinks cool.

5. Chair with beverage holder

It is a model with a sturdy frame and a backing fabric that supports up to 300 pounds, which is complemented by two beverage holders and a backpack style bag to carry. Plus, it comes with a design that secures the lower back so you can sit for hours outdoors without affecting your back.

6. Chair with waterproof fabric and carry bag

This folding chair is made with a structure of corrosion resistant aluminum alloy and reinforced waterproof fabric with wide corners at the back for greater comfort. Other features are its padded side cushions, its adjustable pillow and its carrying bag so you can take it with you while you enjoy the outdoors.

7. Beach chair ultralight

It is an ultralight chair with a high back that provides total support in the lower back and offers two levels of reclining angles to relax your back. It is constructed of aluminum alloy that is corrosion resistant and a backing made of breathable nylon with a waterproof coating that supports a maximum load of 300 pounds. Comes with a carry bag.

8. Chair with suspension fabric

It is a chair with a nautical style design that has an antioxidant aluminum structure that offers four recline options, positioned bar seam and a suspended fabric that is perfect to fit the body and support up to 240 pounds. Comes with adjustable pillow and storage bag.

9. Chair with terragrig support

It is a portable chair that you can easily connect to a bag or backpack thanks to its built-in shoulder strap and carry wherever you want this summer. It features flex technology made from aircraft grade aluminum and the seat cover made from breathable nylon mesh, not forgetting that it includes a terragrig support to prevent it from sinking into the sand or mud.

10. Chair high camping

It is a camping high chair that has a comfortable polyester backrest and breathable mesh that relaxes your back, as well as an aluminum alloy frame that guarantees stability and supports a maximum weight of 250 pounds. Definitely, it’s a versatile piece It is ideal for you to carry it in its transport bag to your camping or the beach.