Products that will make your life easier and help you save money.

When it comes to the care and maintenance of our houseall help that we can have to do the simplest tasks is well received. In this sense, there are many products on the market that are specially designed to make our lives easier at home and that also allow us save money. So take a look at our list with the best products to make your home a home a lot. more efficient and productive for you:

1. Flip It !: Bottle emptying adapter

Pack of 6 bottle adapters made of a resistant and chemical-free plastic. They have a patented design that allows you turn the bottle upside down to dispense every last residue that remains inside it.

Forget about throwing away those ketchup bottles with a lot of sauce still inside. With these adapters, in just a few minutes you can access all the remaining content of the bottle and use it comfortably, and thus you will save money.

2. Stasher: Reusable silicone pouch

It is a resistant and reusable chemical-free silicone pouch, available in various sizes and designs. You can use it to store food, cook it or transport it. It is suitable for him microwave and dishwasher.

If you are one of those who cares about him planet welfare, with these silicone bags you can contribute to zero waste, since you will not need more plastic bags to store your food, or food containers to take your lunch to work.

3. Fruit & Veggie: Carpet to prolong the life of food

It is a rug made of a resistant and antibacterial material that allows air circulation throughout the surface of fruits and vegetables in your refrigerator, allowing you to keep them fresh for longer. Each package includes 4 rugs.

You can cut them to adapt them to the spaces in your fridge and wash it when necessary. You will notice that your food will be fresh for much longer and without strange odors.

4. Chef’s Path: Cereal container boxes

Made in strong, chemical-free plasticThis pack includes 3 cereal containers with dispensing lids, 4 measuring cups, identification stickers and a marker. Its measurements are 9.6 ″ x 9.3 ″ x 3.9 ″.

Ideal to preserve the cereal freshness and prevent them from being damaged. They have leakproof, hermetically sealed lids, making them special for children, too.

5. OXO: Salad strainer and dryer

It is a practical salad bowl with a patented device that makes it turn quickly to drain the water from the food and leave them clean and dry. The inner basket is removable and you can also use it as a strainer.

Many vegetables deteriorate more quickly when they have excess moisture. That’s why by drying them well you prolong their life time and you can enjoy delicious and fresh salads.

6. BlueApple: Ethylene gas absorbent

Practical apple-shaped device that is capable of absorb ethylene emissions they produce food and it causes them to break down more quickly. They last up to 3 months.

Just place them in your fridge near vegetables and fruits and it will automatically begin to absorb harmful gases that break down your food. This way they will last longer and you will save money.

7. FoodSaver: Compact vacuum sealer

Its compact size makes it ideal for daily use and thus preserve your food better and for longer. With a single touch you can remove all air and liquid from your food and thus avoid the bacteria that break them down.

It is specially designed for use with vacuum sealing bags. It is a practical and efficient way to keep your food, whether in your fridge or to take it outside the home.

8. Salbree: Silicone bowl for popcorn

Collapsible bowl made of resistant and chemical-free silic Includes lid so that the popcorn does not overflow in the microwave oven, and then you can eat them directly from the bowl.

You no longer have to worry about damaging your plastic containers with hot corn seeds. This bowl is heat resistant, and the best thing is that you can easily fold and store.

9. Rubbermaid: Food preservative containers

Pack of 3 food containers that regulate the level of oxygen and carbon dioxide inside to keep food fresh longer. They are dishwasher safe and you can stack them in the fridge.

Ideal for storing delicate fruits or vegetables. With these containers they will have a longer life and will last longer in your fridge.

10. Maxoak: Container with sterilizing LED light

This container includes a lid with an LED light that produces lUV uz that sterilizes and sanitizes the interior in seconds by removing all kinds of bacteria from food.

A device with the latest technology that will help you better preserve your food and be able to keep them fresh for longer in your refrigerator.