Comfort, style and brand in one model.

Sportswear has long sneaked into the street wear everyday, and this trend started with sneakers. We no longer leave Nike just for running, but we use them on a daily basis to always be comfortable, but without losing style.

Nike Free RN

In a black mesh fabric, these sneakers are very breathable and also comfortable. With its cloth body and rubber base, it is a very light model, only 5 ounces, and flexible, it adapts very well to the foot. It has an internal foam insole that is removed if you need to change them for own insoles for more support.

With a price of $ 112.33, these sneakers are a model well valued by customers, with 4.4 stars in Amazon. Customers mention that it is a very comfortable shoe, ideal for running or wearing on a daily basis.

Nike Tanjun

In a very clean and elegant style, these Nike sneakers of fabric with rubber soles will give the detail that your look. Despite being running shoes, the satin finish fabric makes them a more casual style as well.

With a big discount of 34%, these sneakers have a price of $ 42.99 and they are available in a wide variety of colors and fabrics. Due to its thick sole, it provides a comfortable support for the feet and guarantees comfort all day.

3. Nike Free RN

With a design that is currently trending, these tennis of running they have an elastic fabric, which adapts comfortably to the foot. Due to its curved and padded rubber base, it gives you the support you need to run or just walk during the day.

You currently have a 16% discount and a price of $ 84. This model is available in several different color combinations, which adapt to each personality.

Nike Air Zoom Pegasus

Sneakers with a design that will not go unnoticed. This model is for the brave only, as it has a combination of very original colors and design. Its perforated fabric body lets the foot breathe and the curved rubber sole gives it all the support it needs.

Designed to run, these sneakers have a price of $ 139.95 and they are available in two other crazy color combinations. Customers in Amazon they emphasize its lightness and its correct fit to the foot.

5. Nike Air Zoom

For his design in pink tonesThese sneakers are a very feminine and original complement to your looks everyday. They have a mesh-like fabric that allows the foot to breathe in all its parts.

With a price of $ 119.95This model is located within the high price range since they are running shoes, although they adapt well to a more casual style of day to day. Due to its high and curved rubber base, it absorbs the impact of the feet against the ground.

6. Nike React Element

With a very trendy style, these nike tennis will complete any outfit. They have a high rubber base and a neoprene body, which form a very futuristic design.

With his price of $ 60, these sneakers offer style and comfort, thanks to the internal insole, which molds to your foot.

7. Nike Flex Experience

Ideal for people with wide feet, these nike tennis mix style and functionality. They have a fabric and neoprene design, with a curved and raised rubber base in the center, which better molds to the foot.

One of the cheapest models on the list, with a price of $ 44.99. Customers in Amazon They affirm that they are very comfortable sneakers and one of the few women’s models that can be found with a wider fit.

8. Nike Air Max Oketo

Simple but modern design on these Nike sneakers. In black and white, these sneakers are very versatile without losing style. They have a mesh fabric body and a high rubber base, with an air chamber, for added comfort.

For price of $ 64.88 you can have stylish and very comfortable sneakers. The air chamber supports the heel and the rest of the curved base helps to better distribute the weight of the foot.

9. Nike Court Lite 2

Made of different fabrics and rubber base, these Nike sneakers They have a completely white design and are very much in trend today. Its construction is mesh fabric and synthetic leather, with the only color detail on the logo.

With a price of $ 61.46These sneakers offer style and comfort, thanks to their internal foam insole. In addition, it is a very trendy model and it is versatile, adapting to many different styles.

10. Nike Free TR 8

The minimalist design and the original choice of colors make these nike tennis be a unique design. Made of mesh fabric that adapts to your foot and lets it breathe, these sneakers fit like a stocking.

Its rubber base is curved, to support each step you take. Have a price of $ 111.30 and it is a very original model.