Important wedding details start from the invitation.

The invitations They are the first look at your wedding celebration, as their design conveys the idea of ​​the type of event to be attended. Therefore, you should start by choosing the theme of the wedding and everything you want to communicate in it. This will inspire you to choose the perfect cards. For this, we prepared a list with 10 options that you can find in Amazon at an affordable price and they will not only fulfill their function of informing about the details of the celebration, they will also delight all your guests:

1. Invitation with roses silhouettes design

As well as the wedding dress, the invitations also become important. So we present these 25 pieces of laser cut cardboard in a diameter of 5 by 7 inches. Each one designed with hollow roses, ribbon, inner sheet, envelope and seal.

2. Cardboard card personalized

When organizing a wedding you should think about each of the details that will be part of the event. Why we can’t ignore this pack of 50 cards of laser cut cardboard that measures 5 by 7 inches.

3. Bride and groom invitation with triple fold

These are modern pocket envelope style invitations that they represent the groom and the bride. The package comes with 50 triple-fold laser cut cardstock cards in a 5 by 7 inch size.

4. Double fold invitation with floral cover

It is a double fold design with hollow flowers in a rustic style that combines perfectly with a garden wedding. Each 5-by-8-inch piece comes with an envelope, two inner sheets, a ribbon, and a label.

5. Square card with floral lace design

The design of this card with gold lace flower conveys the romance and glamor that go well with a reception with urban elegance. They are 50 units laser cut to a diameter of 6 by 6 inches that includes personalized inner sheet, envelope and seal.

6. Card with over door style

It’s a kit of 50 wedding invitations made from pearl paper and hollow lace flowers that goes well for one more traditional bride who loves little details. The 13-by-20-millimeter envelope matches a blank sheet, a sticker, and a seal.

7. Invitation with elegant envelope

This is undoubtedly an invitation for a classic bride, who will have a wedding with a lot of elegance and shine. With this style design with floral hollow pattern, your inner sheet cut with laser and its adhesive seal you can do it. Each package comes with 25 6-by-8-inch units.

8. Card with lace envelope

It is a package of 50 invitations that convey romanticism and delicacy thanks to its pocket cardboard and its hollow lace cover that stands out for its ivory and glitter color. Plus, the gold foil folding paper card lets you make your own design.

9. Invitation with gold glitter

Undoubtedly, envelope style invitations are one of the most trending today, that’s why we present you this hollow floral design with a rhinestone that stands out for its gold tone with glitter, and a blank sheet with an attached label . Package includes 25 5-by-7-inch units.

10. Card vintage style

It is an invitation that has a design with flowers and butterflies in a vintage style that seeks to convey freshness referring to the type of reception you want to carry out. They are 50 5-by-7-inch pieces cut by laser, which come with a printable blank sheet.