Walk in the rain in style.

With the change of season, the rainy days always come and we must be prepared for them. To walk in the rain with great style and dry feet, we show you 10 styles of boots that you can get in Amazon for use with any look.

1. Asgard

With a very simple design, the Asgard rain boots They are made of rubber and have two elastics on the side to put them on comfortably. It has a small heel of 0.5 ’high and an ergonomic sole that guarantees comfort on your feet.

Available in various color combinations, the Asgard rain boots they have a price of $ 25.99 and they are the best selling boots in the guide. In Amazon, clients highlight their quality and comfort, as well as the versatility to adapt to any look.

2. Joules

With fun designs, these Joules boots offer comfort and protection. They are made of rubber, they have an internal fabric lining, elastics on the sides and a 1 ’high heel. The insole is also made of fabric and can be removed to make the boots dry better.

Although they are priced a little high, from $ 56.51These boots offer a resistant and comfortable shoe, ideal to resist several seasons. It is highly valued in Amazon, where clients highlight their quality designs and construction, but warn that it is better to opt for one size less than the usual

3. Norty

If you are looking for taller boots, then this model of Norty mid-calf length may be for you. With a simple design and a height of 11.25 ’’, these boots offer a ⅞ ’’ high heel on a highly textured sole to create a non-slip surface.

It is one of the best-selling models on the list, with a price of $ 19.90 and available in various colors and patterns. Clients in Amazon They stand out for their excellent value for money, with a comfortable and stylish design.

4. Sloggers

With a large number of original designs, the sloggers boots They are made in the United States, made of 100% recyclable material and with a sole that guarantees comfort throughout the day. These characteristics make the boots stand out for their design and also for their quality.

Currently they have a 22% discount and these boots have a price of $ 35.08. They are the highest rated model on the list, with 4.7 stars in Amazon. Clients mention that the Sloggers boots are very comfortable, ideal for people who must work in the rain. They claim that they are boots made of a soft, flexible and light weight material, ideal to wear all day and give a fun touch to your looks.

5. Hunter

From the renowned brand HunterThese boots are mid-calf high, 16 ’’ in height. The exterior is rubber, with relief details that reinforce the most fragile areas and has a decorative buckle. Its interior is made of nylon fabric, which makes them dry very quickly, and it includes a cushioned sole.

With a price of $ 99.99These boots are available in various colors and highly valued by clients. In Amazon, they highlight the high quality of these boots, offering protection from the rain with stylish shoes.

6. Norty

With a very simple short design, these Norty boots They are made of rubber with two elastic bands on the sides and a tongue on the back to put them on. The opening is 12 ’’ in diameter and the height of the boot is 6 ’’. These Norty boots They are available in a large number of colors and designs, to suit different styles.

One of the cheapest models on the list, with a price of $ 17.90. In Amazon, the majority of the comments are positive, for their value for money, but there were also customers who suffered from failures in the construction of these boots, such as detached soles.

7. Litfun

The classic and simple design of these Litfun boots stand out in the guide. They are boots that reach mid-calf, 8.85 ’’ high and a heel 1.10 ’’ high. The opening for the foot is approximately 12.7 ’in diameter and has a tongue to fit them.

These boots have a price of $ 25.97 and they are available in 4 classic colors. They are well valued in Amazon, where clients highlight the width of the part around the calf, ideal for women with large cufflinks or who want to wear boots outside of thick pants. In addition, they highlight their price in relation to the quality and design of these boots.

8. Crocs

From the renowned brand CrocsThese rain boots offer a practical and comfortable solution to wear with any look. They are short boots above the ankle made of rubber, with an ergonomic base that has a 1 ’high heel. They feature a bow detail on the front and are available in 4 different colors.

For their great discount of 71%, these crocs boots are the cheapest on the list, with a price of $ 12.94. In AmazonThe clients mention that they are very light and comfortable boots, but that they are easily marked when folding while walking. In addition, they highlight its simple and minimalist design.

9. Sam Edelman

In a simple and elegant model, these sam edelman’s boots They have a narrow design with elastic on the sides and a 1 ’high heel. They include an internal fabric lining and a cushioned sole to guarantee comfort.

They are available in various colors, with a glossy or matte finish, and a price of $ 29.99. The sam edelman’s boots They are one of the best sellers in the guide and the clients highlight its style and quality, but warn that it is a very narrow model, so it is not ideal for wide feet or ankles.


Although it is not boots, this model of DKSUKO rain sneakers It was deserving of a place in the guide. Ideal for women who have a more informal style, these sneakers are made of PVC imitating the design of the Converse. Its base has a height of 0.79 ’’ and has cotton laces.

Available in various color combinations and in high and low models, these rain shoes have a price of $ 25.99. In Amazon, it is a highly valued rain shoe, clients highlight that it is a very original model and perfect for women who do not like the classic style of rain boots. It is an ideal model for looks casual, festivals or excursions.