If you want a quick costume, or complete an elaborate look, you need a wig.

The month of HalloweenAnd with it also comes the big question “What am I going to dress up as?” There are many options to do it; from simple costumes or accessories to true horror transformations. The truth is that no matter how simple or elaborate your Halloween look will be, the wigs they can never be absent. And that’s why here we show you some good and cheap options that you can try in this fun celebration.

1. Ghost in black and white

This looking wig ghostly It has been made entirely of bonded synthetic fibers that, when put together, form a hairstyle with bust length. It has a two-color design with reflections in black.

To prolong its life, it is recommended to wash it carefully by hand with cold water. It is the best complement for costumes zombies, ghosts or characters inspired by the Gothic aesthetic.

2. Wig with hairstyle from the 70’s

A wig with styled hairstyle mullet from the 70’s made entirely of synthetic materials. It is shoulder length and can be styled easily.

This comfortable and fun toupee comes in a shiny Brown color. Its peculiar and characteristic cut is perfect for retro outfits.

3. Hair of vampire woman short and smooth

It is an easily adjustable piece that easily adapts to the measurements of most people. This wig is completely breathable and totally comfortable to wear for a long time.

Requires special care at the time of maintenance. It is recommended to wash it with a shampoo Gentle and rinse thoroughly with cold water.

4. Hair mint green heat-resistant

This imported quality piece has been created with fibers of a soft-touch material and heat-resistant. It is available in a wide range of colors and hairstyles.

A shiny and naturally textured hair with which you can show your creativity when dressing up. You’ll be able to try endless character styles inspired by cartoons Japanese.

5. Purple mane long and with bangs

A set of high quality synthetic fibers that together form a striking purple toupee that changes color depending on the amount of light that is projected onto it. It is comfortable to wear for hours and stain resistant.

Perfect to be used in Halloween costumes or in cosplays for conventions. The way to guarantee its durability and keep it in the best conditions is by meticulous washing with shampoo and abundant cold water.

6. Gothic hairstyle asymmetric cut

An elegant accessory made entirely of colored synthetic fibers black and red that form a long and leafy mane. It is equipped with a strong elastic band that adds strength and allows it to adapt to the shape of your head.

This cut of asymmetrical style It is the perfect complement to wear a rock girl outfit on Halloween. He sports a rebellious and carefree style that will undoubtedly be the sensation at these parties.

7. Extra long wig in gray tone with dark roots

A thick gray mane with black roots Completely made with high quality hypoallergenic synthetic materials. The accessory has a softness, resistance and shine that closely resembles that of real hair.

The accessory is extra long length, soft to the touch and with an intense shine that gives it a distinguished and chic style. Wear it with your most terrifying clothes to get a very feminine costume in keeping with the occasion.

8. Intense green with bangs and loops

This long hair wig is made entirely of synthetic materials that give shape to a peculiar wave hairstyle with yellow and blue reflections. The elastic inside is covered with an absorbent and padded material.

You can try a wide variety of styles and hairstyles with this unique accessory that will catch everyone’s attention. You can even cut it to give it the look you want.

9. Short wig with gradient colors

Asymmetrical cut, it makes the front part longer in proportion to the back. It is completely made of hypoallergenic synthetic fibers soft to the touch and easy to comb.

Your design high quality and its peculiar purple color with reflections in gray tones, are the perfect combination for a sexy and modern style. Your costumes for Halloween will not be the same once you incorporate this toupee.

10. Curly hair with strands gray-haired

An accessory with a feminine design french waves in shades of gray and black that end in a curly-looking hairstyle.

It is the perfect complement to a witch costume or vampire queen for Halloween night.

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