Forget about baggy and boring clothes. With these dresses you will look great at all times.

It is common for women to be a little frustrated when dressing during the pregnancyBecause your body begins a process of physical changes that sometimes hinders daily clothing and makes it difficult to find clothes that fit each stage of pregnancy. But having a beautiful belly is not an impediment for you to look good, that’s why we offer you these 11 designs of prenatal dresses full of colors and textures so you can carry the latest trends with a lot of style and comfort.

Cross dress with adjustable belt

It is a maternity dress made with polyester and lycra, soft and fresh material that guarantees the comfort of the mother. Comes with a beautiful floral pattern It remains fashionable throughout the year, along with a loose fit and a belt that gives you freedom of movement so you can adjust it as your belly grows.

Maxi dress sleeveless

Maxi dress made with elastic knit fabric that provides a comfortable fit in the belly area. Its sleeveless design and solid white color is a style that does not go out of styleSo you can combine it with a dark jacket and wear it on any occasion.

3. Dressed in side pockets

This maxi dress with flattering ruched neckline and side pockets features simple and fashionable design that allows you to wear it during all stages of pregnancy, and combine it with silver or gold sandals. You can get it in different shades.

Short dress with floral print

This short dress has a simple, comfortable and elegant design, characteristics that make it a complementary piece to wear throughout your pregnancy. It also comes with an overlay print that is a great bet, as it frames the feminine lines, while makes you feel comfortable and fresh.

5. Short dress with 3/4 sleeves

It is a 3/4 sleeve dress that is made with a soft fabric and with a cut at the waist to define the chest and belly, so that you can wear it comfortably throughout the gestation stage; In addition, it comes with the elastic top to facilitate access to breastfeeding.

6. Dressed in asymmetric cut

This floral print maternity dress comes with a modern V neck, short sleeves and removable belt design. It also offers a loose cut with an irregular hem that leave room for your belly to grow in comfort. You can get it in a variety of sizes and colors.

7. Dressed in lace hem

This a short dress with soft, lightweight, breathable stretch fabric, which is one of the most comfortable options for you to wear during any stage of pregnancy. Its design with short sleeves and irregular lace stitching on the knees allows you to combine it with a casual style.

8. Dress strapless

This maxi dress is made of rayon and lycra, perfect materials to adapt to the growth of your belly. In addition, it has a Loose sleeveless cut for versatility for you to carry throughout your pregnancy, combining it with the accessories of your choice.

9. Dress long sleeve

It is a long-sleeved dress made with rayon fabric that it is comfortable to wear at any time of the year. Likewise, it has a low-cut design that avoids pressure on the tummy, allowing it to adapt to each stage of pregnancy. You can get it with a wide range of sizes.

10. Short dress frilly

This dress is made with a double layer of soft and elastic fabric that offers comfort throughout gestation. But also, it comes with a ruffle design in the upper area that you can combine with white sneakers to complement the look and achieve a romantic air.

11. Dressed in Mermaid tail

It is a modern dress with a solid texture that is soft to the skin, and it combines with a wrinkle on the sides that adjusts to the shape of your belly. Without a doubt, it is a garment that provides a sweet, fine and elegant style that flatters your figure so you can wear it on any occasion.

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