An accessory that will be your new good luck charm.

Inside of chinese astrology there are twelve animals that represent personality characteristics, according to the year and month of birth; they are also associated with good fortune and as an element of protection. For luck to always accompany you, we show you twelve below accessories inspired by the Chinese horoscope so that good fortune is always on your side.

1. Sign of the Rat


Chain and earring made of silver, its design corresponds to the rat that is the first sign or animal of the Chinese horoscope. It is related to elusive nature, with great reasoning and intuition.

2. Sign of Buffalo


It has a design that is elegant and modern, but at the same time it is a classic piece of jewelry. The buffalo for the Chinese horoscope represents prosperity obtained from effort, tenacity and work.

3. Sign of the Pork

East beautiful pendant with chain is made of silver, the pendant has the pig that for Chinese astrology are considered the most generous and honest of all animals in the horoscope.

4. Sign of the Tiger


It is a beautiful accessory that you can use daily, either to go to the office or for any outing. The tiger represents people who need adventure and fully enjoy life.

5. Sign of the Rabbit


With this delicate silver necklace you will have a beautiful accessory that matches any piece of your wardrobe. Thus, the rabbit acts prudently, is introverted and reserved with his things.

6. Sign of the Dragon


A necklace is a classic accessory that never goes out of style and always looks good with any style. Within the Chinese horoscope, the dragon symbolizes power and wealth, enchanting and shining gives off vitality and strength.

7. Sign of Horse


Is a delicate and feminine accessory that can accompany you in your day to day. Horses are the nomads of the Chinese horoscope, they go from one place to another, they need movement and open spaces.

8. Sign of the Goat


It is a beautiful accessory composed of a pendant and a chain made of silver. The goat within Chinese astrology corresponds to a docile, smooth and hurried personality, with a great tendency to daydream.

9. Sign of the Snake


Accessories will never be enough for women, they are always the ideal complement. Thus those born under the sign of the serpent are people endowed with wisdom and elegance like the movements of this animal.

10. Sign of the Monkey


She is a beautiful and delicate jewel made with sterling silver, suitable for use on any occasion. The monkey pendant is associated for the Chinese horoscope with the versatile and mischievous personality, with an agile and intelligent mind.

11. Sign of Rooster


Accessory made of silver, consisting of a chain and a beautiful pendant rooster. Within Chinese astrology, this animal is associated as the supreme chief of the corral, self-confident, vain and authoritarian.

12. Sign of the Dog


It is an accessory made of silver, with a elegant design and very modern. The dog pendant is associated according to Chinese astrology to altruistic people and with great empathy, especially with those most in need.