Work from your laptop in total comfort and anywhere.

Work from home It is a trend that is becoming increasingly popular, as technological advance has brought with it the arrival of new jobs job where the only thing needed is a computer and a good internet connection. However, there are cases in which our house does not have adequate spaces for it. In order to solve this problem and you can work with total comfort From anywhere, laptop stands are a great alternative. Take a look at the ones shown below:

1. Bestand: bracket with cable organizer

This bracket gives you an aluminum panel that acts as a heat dissipator It will cool your laptop, an elevation of height at your eye level, cable management and non-slip silicone pad that ensures the stability and maximum protection of your computer against scratches.

2. Soundance: easy mounting bracket

Made of aluminum alloy, the portable stand Ergonomic design Fits all 10-15.6 inch notebooks and is stable thanks to the rubber feet. It is removable, so it will be easy to install without the need for tools. The best thing is its ample ventilation space.

3. AmazonBasics: support with adjustable ventilation

The support has a metal mesh platform that extract the heat the laptop. With it you will have an adjustable height for a greater air flow with comfortable reading and writing; adjustable from 12 to 35 degrees. Lastly, you have a 6-slot cable organizer that promotes a tidier desk.

4. iQunix: light weight support

Ergonomically designed, the stand offers you a ventilated base which will keep your laptop cool thus avoiding overheating. It also has anti-slip protection pads that ensure that your laptop does not slip. Compatible with tablets and laptops up to 17 inches.

5. ALIVE: adjustable tilt stand

This support of steel and aluminum It is designed to hold laptops up to 16 ″ and the majority of monitors on the market. With it, you will have a comfortable working position thanks to its ergonomic inclination, thus avoiding neck problems.

6. EURPMASK: stand with cover

Made of reinforced nylon fiber material, the bracket it’s compact, lightweight and foldable, adjustable at eye level due to its ergonomic design with which you can prevent back, neck and wrist pain. Comes with a carrying case and pads.

7. AmazonBasics: curved support

This bracket is made of metal Silver anodized powder and lifts 16-inch laptops. With this support you can count on a cable organizer and a forward tilt that will give you a better view and air circulation.

8. AOOU: stand with cooling fans

From comfortable design, the support is perfect for you to work on the bed or sofa. Its 2 built-in CPU cooling fans help keep your laptop from overheating quickly and safely.

9. Lamicall: scratch resistant holder

This ergonomically designed stand made of alloy It will be quite resistant since it has a smooth edge that protects it from scratches. It has pads that allow the heat to ventilate, thus avoiding the overheating of your computer. Fits all tablets and laptops up to 17 ″.

10. 3M: curved bracket with zoom

With a non-slip base, the support will remain stable. In addition, its compact foot print will save you space on the desk. Gives you a retention shelf with a cable management feature to keep you organized.

11. Samson Technologies: tripod base stand

This support has a steel construction for roads adjustable up to 4.5 ″ in height. Its silicone surface will hold your laptop securely. With it you will have a tilt control on the surface of the laptop that will give you an optimal view.

12. Kavalan: holder with storage bag

Made of reinforced nylon fiber, the stand is lightweight, foldable and ergonomically designed. This support allows you to easily lift for a more comfortable viewing position to prevent back, neck or wrist pain. Bring a storage bag.

13. ALIVE: vertical or horizontal support

East steel bracket It is designed to fit most laptops. Mounts on a heavy-duty C-clamp or optional washer bracket. Its adjustable arm offers 15 ° inclination, 360 ° rotation and 360 ° rotation, and you can also place it vertically or horizontally.

14. DG SPORTS: support with folding legs

Slim, light and compact design, the support will be easy to carry. It features a 3-port USB hub, 4 preset positions for optimal comfort, and a built-in LED light stick off. You can adjust the legs to 2 different heights.

fifteen. UPERGO: support with swivel base

The support of one piece aluminum It acts as a heat sink to prevent the laptop from overheating. In addition, its C design improves air flow. Its rotating base will allow you to easily share the screen.