If you are just starting to color your hair or want to change your look, you do not need to damage your hair. There are natural hair dyes, with many shades that protect, hydrate and do not harm the hair. We give you 3 advantages and 3 different dyes for you to use the one that suits you best.

1. A natural hair dye prevents it from damaging, breaking and removing all nutrients

The most popular dyes unfortunately have ammonia and chemicals that remove natural keratin from your hair. Seeing it being so abrasive makes your hair weak, brittle and more susceptible to falling. Natural dyes can make you change your look without much damage and without any problem. Henna will help have shiny hair.

This henna already has a certain color, but if you want to experiment you can buy a henna without pigment and you can create your own color. At he dyed them gray giving reflexes as if they were flashes.

2. Natural dyes prevent hair loss and shine due to its ingredients

The natural dyes as they do not have ammonia, resorcinol or parabens are not abrasive and with this they prevent the hair loss from being severe. This natural tint is made from pigments from plant extracts, so it gives a natural looking color variation. It can cover gray hair and there are more than 31 shades, with which you can combine if you wish.

These natural dyes can also be used by men, to dye beard, mustache or hair and cover a few gray hairs. This tint has 70% satisfaction.

3. Natural dyes do not irritate the scalp and help strengthen hair by ingredients natural

Being natural dyes it has natural ingredients such as plants, superfoods or vegetables. This natural hair dye has aloe vera, witch hazel, echinacea, walnut, among others that help give nutrients to your hair to strengthen it.

Natural dyes are applied the same as normal supermarket dyes, it is also important to read the instructions for correct application. If you have a very sensitive scalp, do the test on your skin before putting it on in your hair.