A natural deodorant that prevents bad odor and stains.

There are many deodorants that remove the odor, but they leave stains on your clothes. There are natural deodorants that help control odor and prevent those spots from forming and that do not stain your armpits either. Alum deodorant works to eliminate bad odor, prevent stains and control sweating. Alum stone is a natural component, it is a mineral salt that is extracted from mines and that is in our environment.

1. .Crystal: controls bad odor and sweating

This alum deodorant is chemical and aluminum chloride free. It is perfect for controlling bad odors from teens to adults. It does not irritate and is suitable for the most sensitive skin. This alum stone deodorant lasts for up to 24 hours, the best thing is that you apply it after bathing because it is when the skin best absorbs any product.

Also you should always moisten the deodorant a little and then apply. Store it in a moisture-free place. It is free of aromas, so it does not irritate.

2. Native: leaves a slight scent and prevents your clothes from staining

This deodorant of alum stone if it has a light aroma, because combine it with oils like coconut, lavender or mint. This deodorant has a more solid consistency. If you are going to shave, avoid putting the deodorant after, some people can irritate them; because the razor and the alum stone do not get along very well, everything will depend on your skin.

This brand has several variations of aromas and ingredients. If you have very sensitive skin, the one that is fragrance free will be the perfect one for you. Alum stone does not stain clothesIf your sweat is very heavy, apply several times.

3. Each & Every: controls sweating and prevents bacteria formation

The alum stone is perfect to prevent excessive sweating, since there are deodorants that do not allow the skin to breathe and what it does is it covers the pores and irritates. The alum stone does not clog the pores, allows the skin to breathe and prevents bad odors. It is also a natural ingredient that is antibacterial and astringent. So it prevents bacteria from forming and your armpits are always clean.

This brand offers various aromas and the natural This deodorant of alum is perfect for teenagers because helps level the pH, refreshes and prevents the formation of bacteria.