A vial to have thick and healthy hair.

With the dyes, the age and the use of heat products, the hair can be weakened and with this you have thin, fine and damaged hair. Some ampoules are used so that you hair is more resistant to any damage, it thickens it to be elastic and does not break and they even help to restructure the hair so that it looks healthy.

1. Phyto: hair ampoules that give density, restore hair fiber and prevent gray hair

These hair ampoules help to thicken and be more resistant, restructuring each fiber to give it greater density and volume. Its main ingredients are keratin, gingko biloba, soy, tyrosine and grape procyanidins. These ampoules will help you not to thin your hair and avoid that you get gray hair.

These ampoules are recommended for women, as it helps the hormonal changes that occur in the hair. This is one box of 12 vials of 7.5 ml each. It is recommended to have a suitable shampoo for greater results.

2. L’Oreal Paris: resistant, thicker hair

These ampoules serve to give you a lot of volume in just 3 weeks. It is a hair treatment that must be applied every week for 3 weeks, it should be placed after the conditioner and let it act for at least 2 minutes. It is excellent for thickening and volumizing hair, quickly and without complications.

This box will serve you for at least one month of treatment. You will feel thick and resistant hair to any damage. The brand recommends the use of the entire Volume Filler line for better results. Blisters with 88% satisfaction.

3. Salerm: creates a protective layer for future damage

If you went on vacation and your hair is super damaged, you have dyed it too much and it is very weak, a blister will give it life and repair from the root. These blisters thicken the hair and make a protective layer to prevent future damage. It has vitamin E, which helps take care of it from the sun, pollution and the air.

This is a box with 5 ampoules, they should be applied after showering, on damp hair, and then you should dry as usual. They are very easy to use and perfect for that battered and dry hair. A few ampoules for the hair with 92% satisfaction.