A tool to relieve back pain instantly.

Most of the day we are in our workplace and generally we tend to take an unflattering position when we sit at our desks, this can lead to severe pain back. An effective solution to this problem is anatomical cushionsFor this reason, we show you some options available so that you can sit in the correct position during work.

1. Seat adaptable with ergonomic design


It’s about a orthopedic cushion Made with a non-slip rubber inside to fix it in place and also have an integrated handle that makes it easier to transport. Its zippered velvet cover is very easy to clean.

Its design reduces pressure on the coccyx thanks to its shape anatomical It is ideal to also relieve sciatica pain, herniated disc, any injury and especially back pain.

2. Lumbar cushion memory foam


It is a comfortable seat that can fit most chairs. It is excellent for improving position, reduce stress on the back and at the same time, alleviate any type of low back problem.

You can use it on the base of the seat to increase the height and acquire the correct position by typing on the computer or your desk. A good way that allows you to improve your posture and relieve your back.

3. Pillow ergonomic lumbar support


This cushion provides effective relief for the Back pain, with a higher and thicker design. It has a surface that provides rigidity and tension in the middle and lower back region.

Its breathable and ecological design offers support and comfort for a perfect ergonomic position. This accessory also regulates temperature, absorbs moisture and reduces bad odor.