Exercise your legs at all times and without going to the gym.

If you are looking to exercise and maintain not only a figure more in line with your personal aspirations, but also a more optimal state of health, then it is vitally important that you have the necessary equipment. For this reason, you should not miss the opportunity to acquire some ankle weights so you can get in shape from the comfort of your own house.

1. AmazonBasics: Adjustable and practical weights to exercise your ankles


Weights anklets 2.5 pounds. This model is made of resistant polyester and nylon material, in addition to having a sand filler that works as a weight. Itself, it has double straps with velcro closures, which guarantees a more reliable fit.

These anklets of polyester they adjust to all kinds of ankles, also working as practical, comfortable and safe weights. You can exercise with them from your home.

2. Fitnessery: Set of adjustable ankle weights


Game of dumbbells shaped as ankle brace adjustable to 5.6 lbs, 11.2 lbs and 16.8 lbs. Each piece is made with resistant velcro and mesh material, in addition to having an electronic book so you can exercise according to a professional orientation.

This set of weights as anklets presents safety in use, thanks to the velcro material and wetsuit Premium anti-scratch with which it is made.

3. Valeo: Ankle and wrist weights


Design of D-ring weights made of sturdy metal, which can be adjusted without problem to any ankle or wrist. They have a soft padding for greater user comfort.

With these ankle-shaped weights padded You can exercise your ankles from the comfort of your home, without having to go outside. Reliable and useful in every stretch.