A treatment for dandruff that is safe and natural.

Apple cider vinegar is an excellent ingredient for hair and even more so if you have dandruff. Using an apple cider vinegar shampoo will help kill bacteria and fungi that are causing infections or irritations on your scalp. The apple cider vinegar does not alter the pH of the scalp, it is recommended to use types of hair with dandruff and greasy.

1. Aveeno: purifies and cleanses the scalp without being abrasive

This apple cider vinegar shampoo purifies the scalp by cleaning it thoroughly, avoiding and reducing the appearance of dandruff. This shampoo has oatmeal, this to your hair will give softness, shine and nutrients you need. If you have scalp and very dry ends, you can alternate the use with an argan shampoo or coconut oil.

To have a complete treatment for dandruff, you need to continuously use products with apple cider vinegar, it can be a conditioner, shampoo or some styling cream. Always let your hair dry before going to sleep.

2. L LUSETA: improves circulation of hair follicles for healthier hair

This set will help fight dandruff, as it improves circulation, cleanses the scalp without altering the pH and makes your hair grow healthy. This apple cider vinegar shampoo and conditioner will give you sebum-free hair without an oily feel. It is important that you do not shower with extremely hot water, as this helps your hair to produce more oil.

This dandruff treatment is sulfate and paraben free It can be used for dyed and badly treated hair. Avoid putting too much product on your hair, as it could leave residues.

3. Fekkai: prevents the formation of fungi and bacteria

If you are very itchy, irritated, or start to see small white residue on your hair, using a shampoo with apple cider vinegar will help. to calm these symptoms. Apple cider vinegar will prevent bacteria or fungus from building up on the scalp. Helps your hair be clean and free of dandruff.

This anti-dandruff shampoo is recommended to use once to twice a week. This is so that your hair has moisture from other shampoos. It has a rich aroma and it is perfect for very greasy hair or with dandruff problems or irritation on the scalp.