An ingredient that can repair your hair.

Avocado, in addition to having a great flavor, can repair dry hair. Contains high levels of antioxidants and vitamins They are absorbed in the scalp repairing from the root. Another benefit of avocado masks is that it gives hydration to the hair if you use the dryer or the iron a lot, it strengthens the hair follicles to prevent hair loss and gives it softness thanks to the fatty acids it contains.

1. Dead Sea Scent: repairs split ends and prevents hair loss

Hair masks are used to restore, repair and hydrate. This mask has avocado and honey that together repair split ends, It makes your hair thicker and stronger and repairs damaged hair follicles. Ideal to apply after dyeing the hair, you notice stye or you want to give it shine.

Contains 26 Dead Sea minerals so it is thoroughly cleansed without damaging the pH of your scalp and gives it protection for future damages. Apply at least once a week so that your hair is protected.

2. Groveda Solutions: detoxify your scalp and repair hair thoroughly

If your scalp is very oily, but your hair is very dry, this mask has ingredients such as biotin, vitamin E, clay, avocado and green tea that serve to repair in depth. Thanks to biotin it prevents your hair from falling out, with green tea and avocado it gives it hydration and repairs split ends. Clay takes care of detoxify your scalp to level fat production.

You can use any type of hair, regardless of whether it is colored or has a keratin treatment. When applying the mask leave it act at least 20 minutes and remove.

3. Premium Nature: take care of hair follicles so your hair doesn’t fall out

The avocado masks also help a lot so that you hair does not tangle and absorb the nutrients you need. With this avocado oil you can create your own masks. An easy recipe to make is to combine avocado oil with a little honey and coconut oil, mix them until it is completely liquid and apply to all your hair, let it act for 20 minutes and rinse. You can also apply it overnight and remove it in the morning.

These ingredients repair the hair balancing the pH of your scalp, gives it softness and takes care that your hair follicles grow thicker preventing hair fall out.