They thoroughly clean your pores to leave them looking soft and younger on the skin …

Baking soda is a very effective ingredient for removing pimples and minimizing wrinkles on the face due to its exfoliating nature.

It is used in many ways, for example as an alternative to reduce excess oil on the skin as well. In addition, it can be easily mixed with other ingredients that enhance its properties to improve the appearance of your skin. Check out some products that contain baking soda among their ingredients that you can include in your beauty and skincare routine.

1. Facial Cream From exotic India:

This is one scrub type formula. It is made with ingredients that help to deep clean the pores of the skin. In addition to turmeric and baking soda, this product has papaya powder in it. Papaya has unique qualities that can break down fats and sebum.

2. Korean Keana foam baking soda:

Exfoliating product to use every day as part of your face cleansing routine. It becomes foam when mixed with water.

3. Exfoliator No7 – Total micro-dermabrasion renewal:

Instantly provides a fresh feeling for longer, clearer skin, younger-looking. Dermatologically tested by skincare experts. It is a treatment that visibly reduces the appearance of fine lines, improves skin tone and helps to work against the appearance of blackheads. It is a hypoallergenic product for the safe care of your skin.