Calendula is a plant that has been used for natural remedies as it is an anti-inflammatory: it helps to alleviate injuries, improves the healing process, can eliminate mouth sores, avoids stress and menstrual pain. There are various presentations from ointments, oils and the plant to make a delicious tea. Learn about the benefits of marigold and why you should have it at home.

1. Calendula cream helps deflate, itch and soothe pain

One of the benefits of marigold it is a natural anti-inflammatory, so putting a little ointment on the affected area will help give relief in no time. If you have a cut, sting, sunburn; Calendula cream will help the skin regenerate.

You can marigold ointment apply in children and older adults. it does not irritate the skin and is perfect to have at home.

2. Calendula oil helps to care for the skin, avoid the formation of blackheads and acne

Calendula oil, can be used for skin care, can unclog pores to prevent it from transform into blackheads and acne, improves the moisture and hydration of the skin, and cleans in depth but without unbalancing the pH of the skin. Calendula oil helps stimulate cell growth and improves tissues.

It does not matter your skin type, as calendula oil is very soft and does not leave a heavy sensation. Apply a small amount and leave it on the face. Calendula also works to hydrate damaged hair.

3. Calendula tea can relieve symptoms of gastritis

A calendula tea is ideal if you have gastritis, because what it does is that it improves the symptoms avoiding that you have burning, nausea and prevents the production of so much stomach acid. You just have to make a marigold infusion, just heat water and put the tea bag.

It is also perfect for those moments when you have a lot of stress or menstrual pain, Because being a natural pain reliever helps your body feel better, more relaxed and you can sleep much better.