3 benefits of castor oil on your skin, hair and face

A natural oil with anti-inflammatory properties.

Castor oil or castor oil has great minerals and proteins and even essential fatty acids and vitamin E that make it an oil for cosmetic use with many properties. You should always look for a 100% pure and organic castor oil, so that its properties are not altered. Some of the benefits of castor oil is that it helps eyebrows and eyelashes to grow, relieves inflammation and joint pain.

1. On your skin it hydrates, eliminates infections, relieves arthritis:

The benefits of castor oil for the skin is that it hydrates very dry or stiff skin, due to its vitamin E, also can remove stretch marks and blemishes. It also eliminates skin infections, relieves pain in muscles, and helps control joint pain. Apply castor oil to your skin and massage to relieve pain, you can also put a little castor oil on a cloth in the area of ​​pain.

After a day with a lot of stress, a massage with castor oil will relax you and you will get skin extremely smooth. Always keep castor oil away from light, as it may lose its properties. This product is organic.

2. Eliminate acne on your face, reduce dark circles, calm sunburn:

Castor oil eliminates acne because it is antimicrobial, it acts without clogging the pores. It can be used to remove makeup, because removes impurities in depth, also if you apply a little around the area of ​​your eyes you can reduce dark circles. If you have a sunburn or for any other reason, apply a few drops to the affected area.

This product has different applicators so you can use it as a serum or to apply to your eyelashes and eyebrows or nails; because it helps accelerate growth. An oil that has excellent results.

3. In your hair it helps accelerate growth, gives shine and eliminates dandruff:

Using castor oil in your hair helps your dry, split ends to heal and make you healthier, shiny and manageable. Can you do a night mask and in the morning wash it as usual. If you suffer from dandruff, castor oil gives it moisture, preventing it from drying out the scalp.

You can apply direct on the scalp or mix it with your shampoo. This oil can be used by women, and even men who want to grow their mustache and beard. One of the benefits of castor oil for hair is that it promotes its growth, you can place it at the entrances, nape of the neck and where you have spaces in the hair.