A legume that acts as estrogen to relieve symptoms.

Have you ever heard of soy isoflavones? They are a natural ingredient, as it is a legume of Chinese origin. Soy isoflavones act as a symptom reducer for menopausal symptoms. You do not need to change your routine or diet, since the consumption of this ingredient or a supplement will help the menopause stage is not terrible.

By consuming soy isoflavones they have an action like estrogens, with this it helps to prevent hot flashes and climacteric, excessive sweating, avoid bad mood and prevents bone decalcification. There are different ways to consume this legume. We give you 3 alternatives according to your budget and consumption mode.

A supplement of soy isoflavones with other ingredients

This is a supplement that helps you to sleep, without sweating, prevents hot flashes from being more frequent, take care of your heart and bones. It is a supplement that is combined with black cohosh and soy isoflavones, flaxseed and more.

The results can take up to 3 months, as this is when your body can assimilate all the nutrients and start making changes. Contains 60 capsules and it is recommended to consume 2 pills daily.

Consume tofu, ideal to make it mix with any ingredient

Tofu is a component that comes from soy. There are a thousand ways to consume this ingredient. Well it can be combined with any species, vegetables and even fruits is a great substitute for any meat. It depends if you want to make it salty or sweet. You can make some fajitas, barbecue type or more.

There are thousands of recipes that you will love. You could have A healthy diet while you prevent hot flashes, sweating and a bad mood from taking over you. This is a firm version, one pack can last you for one or two dishes.

3. Combine with soy, from a sprout to delicious milk

One of the best ways to incorporate soy is to buy the berries. With these you can make different products. You can make soy milk, a sprout for your salads, tofu, roasted soybeans and more. Eating soy will take care of your heart and the bones of any fall.

It is zero complicated to make a soy product, only if you will need a little time. Start by getting the properties of soy isoflavone and feeling better every month, forget the symptoms menopause.

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