A natural ingredient for hair care.

Admittedly, there are many myths about using baking soda for hair. Baking soda can control and alter the pH of your scalp, because if you have a lot of fat it can improve it to control excess sebum, but if you have very dry hair it could irritate it. It is important that you know the needs of your hair.

How to use baking soda on hair?

Baking soda can be used either by creating a paste with a little water or by combining it with a little apple cider vinegar to cleanse and detoxify the scalp. If you don’t want to risk you can look for a shampoo that has baking soda so you don’t have to worry about adding anything.

1. What are the benefits of washing hair with baking soda?

Baking soda detoxifies the scalp

The disadvantages of a dandruff or oily scalp is that it has excess sebum, with dandruff and this makes the hair weak, fall out easier and even dry out. Using baking soda for your hair helps your scalp to clean thoroughly, that’s how give it a peel; remember that the scalp is skin.

To apply you can create a kind of paste with a little apple cider vinegar and apply it as if it were a shampoo. It will not foam, but it will clean. Remember to apply it all over your head. You can do once a week.

2. Washing hair with baking soda can control dandruff in the hair.

Dandruff is caused by dirt on the scalp, excess sebum and changes in pH. Baking the hair helps remove dirt and sebum is controlled, but so that the pH is not altered, This is a shampoo that has baking soda, in case you don’t want to use it naturally.

If you have oily hair, but also dry, you can toggle it with a moisturizing shampoo so that the tips are not so dry.

3. Using baking soda helps hair growth be healthy and strong

Baking soda can help control the pH of your scalp, because if you have it high you can have an alteration such as dandruff and more. Keeping your scalp clean and free of impurities means that the hair follicle does not weaken and can grow strong and healthy hair.

To use it you can combine a little baking soda with your shampoo or make a paste either alone or with apple cider vinegar. It is important that do not abuse the use of baking soda on the hairOveruse can irritate the scalp.