Be a responsible driver and protect your life and yours.

The breathalyser It is a device that helps you accurately measure the level of alcohol you have in your body, so it is essential that you always carry it in your car as a responsible preventive measure that can reach save your life and avoid accidents. So if you like to go out drinking with your friends on weekends and you are not sure that you are in a position to get behind the wheel, it is best that you turn to one of these models and act responsibly.

1. Breathalyzer linear precision

This portable alcohol tester has Xtend Fuel Cell sensor technology, the same technology used in hospitals and law enforcement to ensure linear accuracy ranging from 0.000 to 0.400% BAC. In addition, it works with a set of AA batteries that support up to 1500 tests.

It has advanced features that in less than 10 seconds reflect the levels to control the temperature on its LCD screen, the mini-solenoid breathing system that requires breath capture tests and offers the option of custom warnings.

2. Compact breathalyzer with Bluetooth

It is an breathalyzer with dual operation that allows you to display the results on the OLED screen or in the application mode option, which makes them broadcast via a Bluetooth connection to your Smartph

It works with the innovative Zero Line technology that offers professional grade precision and it allows you to quickly know the level of alcohol in your body. Without forgetting that it is an ultra portable model that you can hang on your keychain and take it with you anywhere.

3. Breathalyser with precise nozzle

It is an breathalyzer that guarantees fast and precise results thanks to its advanced semiconductor sensor and its mouthpiece with an internal pump that prevents the outside air from contaminating the sample. It has a blue LCD display screen and it works with two AA batteries.

In addition to assess the alcohol level in your body and determine whether or not you are fit to get behind the wheel, it also has a compact design with long life that you can carry in the glove compartment of the vehicle and use it whenever necessary.