Your pet will be well watched and fed at all times.

Those of us who have a pet At home we know that when we go out we are always a little nervous about what our dog while we are not. Will he eat his food? Will he climb on the furniture? Will he bite his shoes? They are endless questions that we always ask ourselves with your well-being in mind. Luckily, we can now have modern devices that allow us to keep them monitored by camera at all times and also reward them at the time of the snack. This way you will be calmer, and your dog happier.

1. Furbo: dispenser with wifi and two-way audio

It has a Full HD 1080p camera, night visionTwo-way audio, bark alert and easy 3-step setup.

He offers you live video to monitor your pet from your phone with a 160 degree wide angle view, day and night.

2. SKYMEE: 4x zoom dispenser and game option

This dispenser has Full HD 1080p camera with 4x zoom, night vision, two-way audio and ALEXA compatibility.

Your dog you will enjoy fun games and you can enjoy a 12-hour response service.

3. WOPET: FullHD camera dispenser

It has a Full HD camera, night vision, advanced microphone and speaker. It’s compatible with iOS 7.0, Android 5.0 and higher.

It offers you the exclusive benefit of being able to record your pet even in black tone, in addition to a simple three-step setup.