During menopause the skin requires more care. Hot flashes and sweating cause your body temperature to drastically change and you don’t have the necessary hydration or are very dry. It is important that you use ultra moisturizing creams on your skin, regardless of the weather. Know 3 cares that you must have on your skin during menopause.

1. Exfoliate your skin and face to eliminate dead cell phones and give better tissue oxygenation

With sweat, the application of products and contamination, the pores on your skin can become clogged and with this cause oil on your skin and generate small pimples on your back, arms and legs. Using a scrub weekly will help eliminate dead cell phones to improve the oxygenation of the tissues and thus your skin can regenerate to prevent it from drying out.

It is recommended to exfoliate the skin once to twice a week. This scrub is made of himalayan salt with almond oil, grape, lychee, aloe vera, vitamin E and collagen. It is recommended that it be applied with an exfoliating brush, so that at the same time you massage all over your body.

2. Give extra hydration to your face with a night mask

Also, from using a facial moisturizer every morning, your face needs special care at night. This is a nocturnal facial mask, which serves to hydrate deeply, help restore elasticity and fill in some wrinkles. With sweat, sun and heat your skin can easily become dehydrated, when this happens your skin ages faster.

This mask replace a moisturizing night cream. First apply a little mask to the face, neck and décolleté, then with the magnet applicator distribute and massage, this applicator is responsible for get to the layers deeper skin. Apply 3 or 4 times a week.

3. Refresh your face and skin on hot and hot days

On days with lots of hot flashes and sweating, you may want to take a shower every now and then. Thermal water help you refresh, always comes a spray and you can apply it to hydrate and feel fresh. It can even calm minor facial irritations.

Can be used by the most sensitive skin at any time of day. Just apply to any part of the body and let it dry. You will feel fresh and hydrated in seconds. Take it with you everywhere and feel hydrated.