Fill your house with prosperity and protect it from bad energy.

The Feng shui it is an oriental practice that has become very popular in the west. Every day, more Latinos are joining this lifestyle that seeks to bring harmony to home and work. Therefore, we present you a list of the 3 statues of Chinese dragon that you can not stop having to attract prosperity to your home and work:

1. Feng Shui Pi Yao: Prosperity and good fortune

The Pi Yao / PI XiuAlso called “bixie” or “Tian lu”, it is a legendary creature in ancient China. It is designed to be able to attract wealth from everywhere and to ward off bad fortune.

Make up one of the five lucky animals in ancient China. Placing it at home you can attract prosperity, protection and ward off negativity.

2. Dragons Pi Yao: Classic Feng Shui design

These two dragons Pi Yao they are made of resin and brass. They have dimensions of 1.7 ″ wide by 2 ″ high, and are ideal to have at home, room or office.

Is he amulet Favorite among gamblers and investors who often place bets, as they attract good luck for business and wealth.

3. Pair of Dragons Pi Yao of golden wealth

Set of two dragons Pi Yao / PI Xiu ideal for practicing feng shui. It is a decorative golden brass figure, whose purpose is to attract wealth and good luck to various spaces.

Placing it at home you can bring luck and prosperity. In addition to providing the necessary protection and ward off bad luck. The PI Xiu it is placed in a place with the head towards the window or sideways towards the door, a mirror, bathroom or bed.