A high antioxidant and one that cares for the heart.

Cod liver oil contains a high content of vitamins A and D, omega 3 that is essential for better cardiovascular health, it also has iodine and phosphorus. The consumption of cod liver oil is recommended, as we do not obtain the recommended dose through food. Meet 3 cod liver products that will help you take care of your joints, are a high antioxidant and are excellent for protecting the heart.

1. Nordic Naturals: lowers cholesterol and high blood pressure

If you have high cholesterol levels, cod liver oil can lower it. Thanks to its high levels of omega3 it helps them to decrease and protects your entire cardiovascular system. This helps prevent high blood pressure and prevents inflammation. Cod liver oil is also a high antioxidant so it helps to protect the body from free radicals.

This cod liver oil should be consumed a full tablespoon of this emulsion. It has an orange flavor, so the fishy flavor will not be so abrupt. This supplement can be consumed by children.

2. Now: protects bones and joints due to its high content of vitamin D

Joint pain can be severe as the years go by. Cod liver oil helps prevent severe pain, because with vitamin D it helps to take care of bones and tissues. This presentation of cod liver oil is in a capsule, so you do not feel the taste of cod. Does cod liver oil make you fat? Contains 1 grams of fat and 10 calories per serving.

Cod liver oil will help you feel better and be able to prevent diseases long term. Take a cod liver capsule in the morning and always with food.

3.Garden of Life:is a powerful antioxidant that prevents premature aging

Cod liver oil has a vitamin A, whose main function is to protect your immune system, raise defenses and your body has high levels of antioxidants, to prevent severe damage. It even helps prevent skin and cells from aging premature. This presentation of cod liver has a mint and lemon flavor. You can consume it after breakfast.

It can also help the hair growth, because thanks to its vitamins improves its structure. Children can also consume this supplement.