Collagen is a protein that we have in the body, from the age of 25 it begins to decrease considerably. The collagen in the hair is in charge of nourishing it from the roots, regenerating it faster if it is damaged, making it grow and preventing hair loss. There are thousands of collagen supplements and luckily collagen hair masks that will give you a total repair.

1. L LUSETA: collagen mask with biotin

This collagen mask when placed on your hair is responsible for penetrating your hair follicles and thus promoting healthy growth and making your hair stronger and much thicker. This collagen hair mask has biotin and argan oil, that with constant use you will notice how your hair is healthier.

Collagen and biotin together are a great boost for your hair. This collagen mask should be applied in the shower just after shampooing your hair, leave it on for 5 minutes and remove. At least apply 2 times a week, to hydrate your hair.

2. Pure Sedos: total hydration for healthy hair

This hair collagen treatment is a hair mask that works to give you greater softness, texture, shine and that your hair regenerates. Contains argan, coconut and collagen oil. By using it constantly, it helps prevent split ends, as it gives your hair more elasticity so that you can style it as you like without fear of damaging it.

Collagen for hair is very important, it is a protein that is responsible for growth and prevent fall. Using products that contain collagen helps your hair to always be healthy. This jar will last you for more than 2 months.

3. Damila: keratin and collagen to prevent further damage

This collagen mask is ideal if you have a lot of frizz, use many heat products, dye it very often or if you expose it to the sun for a long time. It works to protect hair follicles and hydrate them, having keratin repairs and prevents it from breaking. This collagen mask is recommended to be used every 2 weeks, but if he is very abused you can use it every week.

You should wet your hair a little and apply the product for about 25 minutes, cover with a bathing cap and then wash as usual. Collagen in hair It serves to hydrate it, grow it and give it a spectacular shine.