It looks puffy and prevents wrinkles around the eyes.

Using eye patches helps you to avoid inflammation, dark circles can disappear and the best thing is that it helps prevent wrinkles by giving adequate hydration to take care of signs of aging. These collagen patches contain protein and nutrients so you have a charming look.

1. Hitece: gold patches with collagen to eliminate signs of fatigue

An eye patch helps remove dark circles, speed up the process for rejuvenation of cells and collagen. This will eliminate any signs of fatigue, hydration and reduce the blackness of the dark circles. These patches should be used after doing your beauty routine and it is better if you can put an extra mask to cover your entire face.

Just relax, place for 15 minutes and remove. If you want to add a little freshness, put them in the fridge a few minutes before putting them on, your eyes will undoubtedly be hydrated.

2. SWISSÖKOLAB: prevent signs of aging like wrinkles and fine lines

If you are going on a date, have cried or want to give it more protection after using eye contour then you need these patches. Have hyaluronic acid, vitamin C, collagen and gold dust. It helps increase circulation, hydrates the entire eye area in its entirety and ultimately helps prevent the appearance of fine lines.

You only need to place them for 15 minutes and that’s it. Your eyes will look instantly hydrated and you can put on makeup or rest. There is no contradiction and you can use them as many times as you need.

3. Purederm: regenerate the eye area to prevent dark circles

These are 30 little eye patches, which will help for those days of stress and tiredness, but you still have a lot of work or activities. These collagen patches are placed around the eyes, and serve to retain the exact amount of moisture and give moisture to your skin. Helps deflate quickly thanks to green tea extract.

You will notice how the area of ​​your eyes absorbs all the product and regenerate that part of the face. All eye patches come together in this pack, so be sure to seal the bag tightly so they don’t dry out.