Free yourself from the spots on your face.

With age you can notice spots on your face, and even small freckles. If this makes you uncomfortable and you want to remove them, it is possible and there are solutions. There are creams that act as an eraser for skin blemishes. It is important that during menopause, don’t neglect your skin This can cause more stains. Before leaving do not forget to use sunscreen and always apply cream to the entire body to hydrate it.

1. Kiss Red E: helps improve skin tone and has natural ingredients

Sun spots, medication or age, this corrective cream for the face helps to eliminate them. It helps your skin to have the same tone, hydrate your skin and prevent you from having new spots. It has natural ingredients like shea butter, jojoba oil, and bergamot. It also contains vitamin E, hyaluronic acid and AHA.

It is important that you always use sunscreen and more if you use a product with AHA, because your skin becomes more photosensitive. This cream, in addition to being used on the face, can be applied to elbows, knees, neck and arms.

2. BUOCEANS: no hyperpigmentation on the face or spots

If you have various shades on your face, hyperpigmentation and many spots on your face, do not miss it. This cream is like a concealer for the skin, with its use you can have an even tone, and end those dark spots. It is a very light cream because it contains water ingredients, which will make your skin absorb it in a short time.

It is ideal for any type of skin and you can apply it in the morning and at night. Remember that perseverance and patience are great allies for your skin looks in excellent condition.

3.DIVINE DERRIERE: removes stains, scars to give your face softness and shine

Using AHA and BHA acids, help your skin to remove stains completely from the face and in 4 weeks approximately. Helps you have healthy, shiny and hydrated skin. The use of these acids must be cautious, as your skin becomes more photosensitive. You should use sunscreen at least every 2 hours, to prevent more spots.

You can apply it to any part of the body and face. This cream has 65% satisfaction with 4.2 stars. If you have a scar it will also help you to eliminate it. Do not forget to use it on the hands, to eliminate freckles and spots.