There is nothing better than traveling on the road. The beautiful landscapes always give us a moment to relax, meditate and also enjoy. However, there are times when the journey simply becomes too long or tedious; for moments like this there are DVD for him car, with which you can see your movies and series favorites anytime, anywhere. Take a look at these options:

1. Pyle: digital monitor with remote control

The Pyle brand digital monitor is of type universal headrest It has a multimedia TV system, a high resolution LCD screen, an infrared transmitter, stereo speakers and a DVD and CD player. It comes with wireless headphones and RCA wiring harness to connect with additional devices.

Watch TV, movies or play Video games is what the monitor will allow you to do, so your children will have a variety of options during those trips. Also, it supports various digital file formats such as MP3, MP4, WMA and AVI. On the other hand, it comes with a removable leather display cover, mounting bracket, and remote control.

2. WONNIE: monitor with long battery life

WONNIE has a digital monitor with rechargeable battery High capacity, AC adapter, car charger, DVD player, 10 volume settings and free region and break point function. It is of type headrest.

The digital monitor will offers three benefits: the first, collect all the scenes where you left them the last time; the second, the ability to play multiple files in different formats; and the third, the ability to link to a large television.

3. Vk: digital monitor with wireless headphones

This Vk brand digital monitor is a Flip headrest And it comes with USB port, SD slot, wireless headphones, DVD player, CD / CD-R / CD-RW player, FM transmitter, MP3 / MP4 players and radio tuner.

With this digital monitor you can enjoy the AV output to other monitors and send the audio signal from the headrest to the other radio receiver (such as the car mat).