An accessory that gives you a broader view while driving.

The rear view mirrors of our car are a fundamental tool when driving as they allow us to have more perception when parking and also observe everything that happens around our vehicle. A good idea to provide safer driving is to install Blind spots that allow to further expand the field of view of the rear-view mirror, That is why below we show you some options at an excellent price.

1. Piece with round design ampper


It is an ultra slim mirror with a thickness of approximately two inches. The accessory does not have a frame and has a surface of coated metal which gives it greater durability, clarity and rigidity.

Includes a 3M decal giving you a much stronger bond. It is designed with a 360º rotation with an additional 30º of adjustable oscillation to maximize the field of view.

2. Accessory for rearview


It is designed to offer a larger image of the objects around the vehicle. It has a special coating on the back of the mirror to prevent it from fading.

Its frameless design makes it more harmonious and allows it to adapt more easily to the rear-view mirror of the vehicle, while giving it a neat and original appearance.

3. Square mirror blind spot


It is an accessory that can be placed in the form horizontal or vertical, this thanks to its strong 3M decal that does not leave marks or damage the rearview mirror when removed.

Designed with a base that allows it to rotate up to 360º and an adjustable support that provides better visibility. his curved glass It is ultra slim and concave to give you extra help when you want to cross lanes.