The delineated cat-eye is a technique of makeup that allows you to define your look and give it a super seductive appearance. The intention of this outline is lengthen the eye make it look bigger and more stylized. It is a technique that is used in almost all styles and types of makeup, and always gives a glam and striking touch that goes well with any style. The main problem with this is that it is not so easy to achieve, since we must use the tools very well to achieve a straight and even outlined. Luckily there are products that make the task much easier, such as eyeliners that we show you here:

1. Eyeliner Epic ink from NYX


It is designed with a thin and flexible brush tip. East pen-shaped eyeliner is waterproof and is heavily pigmented, for effortless black liquid lines.

It allows each stroke to be fluid for a defined finish and you can control the thickness of the lines pressing down. You just have to slide over your lashes to highlight your look.

2. Eyeliner with seal tip


Designed to obtain a perfect and consistent resultIt works as a seal to stamp the shape of the liner on the eye without fear that one is different from the other and is waterproof.

Your look will stand out like never before and best of all, you don’t need to be an expert makeup artist. You just apply this seal-shaped liner to your eyelids and your gaze is transformed without spots.

3. Liquid Eyeliner feather type


This eyeliner has been made with a flexible felt tip that allows you to slide easily, for a more exact control and not to pull or drag the skin of the eyelids.

With this long-lasting liquid eyeliner, you have maximum control and allow you to create the lines you want. You may lengthen the lines of your lashes to shape it and define your gaze.