Technology for the little ones!

Did you know that there are Echo devices specially designed for children? With these products, children can get closer to technology in a controlled and safe way, taking advantage of all the functions of Alexa to have fun, communicate and learn.

1. Echo Dot Kids

Without a doubt, the most outstanding product of this guide is the Echo Dot Kids, an Echo speaker especially for children. This product is ideal to complement your smart home, with a product that will help and have fun. Furthermore, the Echo Dot Kids helps you communicate with children inside the house. This product allows you to review the activity and time of use, and can also set time limits. Includes 1 free year of content Free Time for children offering thousands of games, audiobooks, songs and more.

Available in blue or rainbow, the Echo Dot Kids is priced under $ 40 for its current discount of 43% and it is highly valued by customers in Amazon. They mention that it is a perfect device for children and that it includes a full 2-year warranty. In addition, they highlight that with this product you can limit the uses it is given, giving more control to parents and safety to children.

2. Echo Glow

This is a multi-colored lamp for children, which can be controlled by voice with an Echo device or through the Alexa mobile application. Echo Glow It is used to wake children up as a night light, to remind them about certain things in their routine with different colors, to set timers and much more. Using Alexa you can change colors, make multi-color effects and also adjust brightness.

With a size of 3.9 x 3.9 inches, this lamp has less than $ 25 for your current 17% discount on Amazon. Clients mention that it is a functional lamp for children, and that they mainly use it to wake them up, as a night light that turns off automatically and as a decorative light. They warn that this lamp can only be controlled through an Echo speaker or the application of a cell phone, so if children do not have their own Echo, it is difficult for them to control the lamp.

3. Echo Buttons

The last product in this guide is Echo Buttons, a button accessory that connects to any Echo speaker and has many functions. Mainly, these smart buttons are used to play different games with Alexa and control daily routines, compatible with more than 100 Alexa skills. The buttons have lights that change color and work with 2 AAA batteries each. For kids, this accessory is perfect for playing different games and they can also create their own trivia with Alexa Skill Blueprints.

It is the cheapest product, with less than $ 20 for a pack of 2 thanks to your current discount of 15%. In Amazon, customers mention that this is a very good accessory to play with the family or for sleepovers, since each Echo can connect up to 4 Echo Buttons.