Having hemorrhoids can greatly affect the quality of life of a person, due to the intense pain and discomfort that these cause.

The hemorrhoids They are one of the most common conditions in people, mainly in men, and also in pregnant women, however, because they are in a “taboo” area, many people suffer in silence. If you have pain, inflammation or itching, here are several remedies.

  • These products protect and soothe irritated tissue.
  • They leave the pain behind.
  • Suitable for all types of internal and external hemorrhoids.
  • Application: – For itching, burning, suppuration and pain in the anal area.
  • They have an anti-inflammatory effect.

If this is your case, we recommend the following treatments to alleviate them:

1. Suppositories Hemorex:

Hemorex Quickly relieves pain, itching, and discomfort associated with hemorrhoids. It comes in a package of 10 suppositories containing only two ingredients: coconut oil and propolis extract.