At our kitchen we have a series of utensils and tools, which have been designed to to ease it is time to Cook and allow preparing delicious dishes to be very simple. Among the infinite options available regarding these utensils, we have the potato peelers, but this time we show you some of the options available in peelers electrical designed for help you a lot in the kitchen.

1. Electric Peeler Starfrit 93209


It’s about a robotic arm It conforms to all shapes of thickness and textures, such as potatoes, tomatoes, turnips, avocados and is also responsible for scratching the peel of citrus.

You just need to press a button to peel potatoes instantly, its design has built-in storage Composed of four replacement blades, battery and thumb knife.

2. Quick Peeler with Automatic rotation


It is an electric peeler composed of flexible and adjustable arms, with a sharp blade that works great for peeling off any surface, with a minimum consumption of waste.

Very easy to use, you just have to put the potato or the vegetable you want to peel, fix it and press a button to make it free of shells. It works with batteries or with a charger.

3. Electric Peeler Stainless steel


With a secure humanized button design, which just need to be gently pressed to start peeling automatically. The fixed needle can be adapted to different heights of vegetables and fruits.

For its part, the rotary arm allows you adjust thickness and balance automatic in the peeling process, so you can maintain the thickness evenly of your potatoes, vegetables and fruits.