The exfoliation It is a beauty routine that allows us to renew our skin, thanks to the fact that it is in charge of eliminating impurities and dead skin. We do not necessarily have to resort to a specialized place to exfoliate, if we have a body scrub brush We can do it properly at the time of showering in the comfort of our home. Here we show you some options in these brushes and the best of all, at a excellent price.

1. Exfoliating Brushes Set of silicone


Count with one unique design of super fine and soft bristles to achieve an effective result, and even eliminate ingrown hairs on the legs.

This brush is great for smoothing too all skin types, from sensitive skin to dry skin. You can use it both wet and dry and renew your skin with each shower.

2. Body Brush with Natural Sows


This is a brush that has been made with natural and ecological materialsWhich give you a spa experience at home. Its natural boar bristles are firm and effective.

It is ideal for restore skin and maintain its beautiful shine. Among its benefits, in addition to exfoliation, it gives you clean pores, smoother skin, cellulite reduction, better blood circulation and much more.

3. Brush with Transparent handle


This is a body scrub brush, made with very soft bristles and a very long, non-slip handle that allows you to reach anywhere on the body comfortably.

An ideal option that allows you renew and stimulate your skin in the comfort of your shower, your whole body is free of impurities and dead cells.