When we get older we can notice that many times our health deteriorates more easily and faster. Visual health is one of the most affected.

Some eye diseases that occur mainly in adults are cataracts, macular degeneration, glaucoma, dry eyes, diabetic retinopathy, among others. That is why it is important that you inform yourself of what these diseases consist of and how you can treat them if you are suffering from any.


  • Glaucoma (optic nerve disorder): Glaucoma is a disease that can damage the optic nerve of the eye. This results in loss of vision if not treated in time. This disease is the second cause of blindness worldwide and its consequences increase with age. This disease is usually associated with the elevation of intraocular fluid pressure slowly but progressively. It is recommended to do eye exams more frequently from the age of 40 to be able to detect it in time, since it is a disease that does not present symptoms until the damage is great and irreparable in the optic nerve. Today there is a wide variety of supplements that support eye health. In this case, you can use the Life Extension supplement:

As you get older, the pressure of the fluid inside the eyes can gradually increase. This myrtogenol eye pressure support contains a blend of ingredients that is used to support fluid pressure in already healthy eyes. Myrtogenol features standardized extracts of European bilberry and French maritime pine bark that have been shown to support healthy blood flow throughout the body.

  • Dry eyes: Dry eyes show symptoms of dry eyes. Women are the most affected as a result of their hormonal changes. This disease can also affect men and women of any age who are using medications such as antidepressants and sleeping pills; since these can affect other areas of health while performing their function. In addition, other things that cause dry eye are wearing contact lenses, spending long hours in front of a computer or cell phone, and more. For the care of your dry eyes you can use lubricating eye drops like these, Systane:

These lubricating eye drops leave eyes fresh, giving you relief and long-lasting protection against mild dry eye symptoms, including:

  1. Dry eye
  2. Eye irritation
  3. Burning or staring eyes
  4. Scraped eyes
  5. Sandy eyes
  6. Tired eyes
  7. Fluctuating or blurred vision
  8. Excessive tearing
  • Waterfalls: This disease begins to reflect as if you had fog in your sight. Your vision may be blurry, and you may notice a lot of sensitivity to light. Cataract consists mainly of loss of transparency of the eye lens behind the pupil, and can be treated with surgery. After having surgery, it is recommended to use this type of lens for eye care during recovery time:

It has a square style frame with style and functionality. Its dark lens is made of polycarbonate plastic. These glasses are equipped with 100% UV protection.