In menopause the skin goes through several changes, because with hot flashes you can forget that your skin needs hydration even if you feel cold. These masks help to refresh the skin, nourish it, giving firmness and filling in wrinkles. Include them in your personal care routine and don’t forget to drink enough fluids.

1. Burt’s Bees: sage mask for deep hydration

The skin during menopause can be a torment, because some days with hot flashes and other days with very cold, your skin can resent and create problems. This mask is responsible for giving hydration, Take care that it is not damaged by changes in temperature on your skin. It does not have parabens or petrolatum.

You can place it at night, this will help to take care of the signs of aging and take care of the moisture of your skin preventing it from drying out. It has more than 150 sales, with 70% satisfaction.

2. Bliss: with vitamin C and chamomile to care for the skin and keep it hydrated

If your skin is going through a lot of dryness on your face regardless of the weather, this mask has vitamin C and chamomile which helps to take care of your skin from free radicals, soothes irritations and dryness. It will also help your skin to retain moisture and prevent it from feeling stiff.

With its continuous use helps that with 4 weeks, the skin’s moisture barrier is improved for a healthier appearance. It is perfect if you have oily or very dry skin.

3. O Naturals: refreshing with hyaluronic acid and watermelon

If you want to refresh yourself immediately, this mask is made of watermelon, it also has ingredients such as lavender, chamomile, calendula, lemon, cucumber and spirulina. Ingredients that are soothing to your skin, giving it hydration and helping the skin is firmer. It also has hyaluronic acid that helps prevent deep wrinkles.

It is a mask with a high content of antioxidants. You will love the aroma of this mask and the results you will get. Have 92% satisfaction.