The Feng shui It is a philosophy originating in the Asian continent and its purpose is to organize spaces in a harmonious way. Among the most popular ornaments and decorations of this trend we have the Mirrors, which allow you to protect your spaces by removing negative energies from your environment. You must place them on the door of your house or office and thus they will be a protective amulet for your family and your fortune. Here we show you some options that you can have to take advantage of the benefits of Feng Shui in your life.

1. Convex frame design Chinese gold


A fully crafted convex mirror by hand. It is made with top quality materials, it has the colors of good luck such as gold, black and red.

Its compact size makes it ideal for hanging on the front door of your home. Its purpose is to repel all negative energy and create a prosperous environment in your home.

2. Framework Wood with hanging hook


It has been crafted from a high quality, durable and sturdy wood to ensure this amulet will last a long time. The frame has a eye hook on top for easy hanging.

This concave mirror attracts the positive energy, wealth and good luck to your home. It has the ability to transform any space into a harmonious and peaceful environment.

3. Mirror style Bagua


A piece made of high quality very durable and chip free. It has a peculiar decoration in colors such as red, blue, green and black that make good contrast with the tone of the wood.

You can easily place it on the main entrance to guarantee a better effect. The mirror is responsible for cleaning your spaces of any type of negative energy.