Relax and improve your posture at your desk.

Working for long periods of time, whether sitting or standing, can be harmful to health; since it directly affects the circulation of our legs and that can cause different diseases and illnesses in the future. The biggest problem with this is that normally our workplaces do not have the necessary spaces to be able to stretch our legs and adopt a proper position. Thinking about this, this time we recommend some options foot hammocks that you can place under your desk and thus promote circulation and feel much better.

1. Geekfactory: desk hammock footrest with two types of height

Made of cotton, wood and polyethyleneThe hammock hooks to either side of any desk with two metal clips and can be adjusted from 200mm to 450mm.

This desk hammock footrest allows you to adjust the height in two ways: “work” mode and “rest” mode. Perfect for your rest periods on those long and tense days.

2. BasicConcepts: foot hammock with carry bag

This padded hammock footrest has been made in memory foam and with your purchase it includes a transport bag.

his extra long strap It will allow you to adjust it to any height and its padded feel will give you maximum comfort.

3. OPEN: hammock footrest with neck support

Made of polyester and spongeThe high quality standing hammock comes with memory foam neck pillow with polyester fiber padding and also comes with carrying bags.

Portable, durable and strong. Both products provide excellent support for sleeping or relaxing.