Exfoliate with these foot masks.

The skin of the feet needs special attention, because although it is thicker it can be damaged, dry out, store a lot of moisture and with this they fill with fungi in the medium term. The important thing is to exfoliate your feet so that dead cells are removed, so that the skin is hydrated, nourished and you show them with confidence. Get to know these foot masks that will give you healthy and soft feet.

1. Lavinso: removes all dead cells to hydrate your feet

Foot masks will help remove all dirt and dead cells in a matter of days. Having healthy and nourished feet will help do not fill with moisture, bacteria or fungi. At the time of putting on the foot masks, you should let them act for about 90 minutes and then remove.

After 2 or 3 days you will see how your feet are exfoliated, leave them like that and you will see how in a matter of days you will have smooth feet. Contains 2 pairs you use them one every month.

2. Soft Touch: sports feet that are free of calluses and dryness

With natural ingredients such as apple, lemon, aloe vera, milk and salicylic acid, it is responsible for eliminating all the dryness and calluses that your foot to keep it healthy and clean. It is recommended that for greater results, do not exfoliate them with creams beforehand, as it may not be fully effective. The use of this exfoliating foot masks will help prevent infections.

After using the foot masks, it may take about 2 to 4 days for you to see how the skin is exfoliating. Do not pull or scratch, let it naturally remove dead cells from your foot.

3. Plan: scrub that penetrates the deepest layers of the skin to remove calluses

It is recommended to exfoliate the feet once or twice a month, as these exfoliating masks penetrate into several deep layers of skin to be able to eliminate residues, dirt and calluses. Contains natural ingredients like peach, papaya, aloe vera and orange. So they do not irritate or damage the skin of them.

At first you may notice very rough skin, but once the foot mask takes effect You will see very soft, smooth and nourished feet.