During the pregnancy, the woman goes through a series of physical and hormonal changes that completely affect her lifestyle. These changes alter even the most typical habits of the future mother; what you eat or drink, how you deal with stress and even the position in which sleep. On this occasion, we will recommend 3 full length pillows that will allow you to sleep comfortably during pregnancy.

1. Queen Rose: full length pillow

The Queen Rose full body pillow is made in 100% cotton. Its U-shaped design supports the entire spine and is available in various colors.

It is designed to sleep comfortably sideways; It also provides a good position for reading, breastfeeding, and watching television. Also, it is ideal for people with fibromyalgia, sciatica problems, gastric reflux, congestion, carpal tunnel syndrome, etc.

2. Ang Qi: 55 inch pillow

Ang Qi’s full body pillow is endowed with a plush lining exterior, interior is 100% durable and breathable polyester; the filling is a combination of Polyester and hollow fiber. It is machine washable and available in other colors.

Ang Qi presents a model hypolargenic It has an ergonomic design. Additionally, it is beneficial in preventing and relieving sciatica, heartburn, and back pain.

3. Meiz: flexible maternity pillow

The Meiz full body pillow is made of 100% cotton Smooth on its outer face, the inner face is a durable fabric with premium polyester fill. Available in various colors.

This pillow is versatile and multifunctional, since it allows you to sleep in various positions. In addition, it is a great help in relieving sciatica pain, leg swelling and back pain.