Color masks to avoid spending so much.

We know that touch-ups in the beauty salon can be costly or you don’t even have time to go to dye it. There are several products that pigment your hair so that it does not show the gray or the color of your root. Take advantage to use these hair masks and give you color for longer. They can be used even if you have never dyed your hair and on any hair type.

1. FOUR REASONS: color mask up to 16 shades with vitamin b5 and keratin

This mask has vitamin B5 and keratin, so that it does not mistreat your hair. This color mask is very easy to use, only after applying the shampoo you let it act for about 15 minutes and then rinse well. This mask is black, the final shade depends on your hue.

There are more shades, in case you are looking for a lighter shade. Color will last longer if you use it constantly. We recommend that you let him act for a few 25 minutes for the pigment to impregnate better.

2. Splashes & Spills: pigment with a vegan formula that does not harm the color

If you want to change the shade without using ammonia or peroxide dyes, this is an excellent option. The hair must be dry, because this color mask is applied before the shampoo. If you have very dark hair, it will be difficult for any of the shades to be noticed. It is recommended for hair with light shades.

Its pigments have a vegan formula, which is why it is not abrasive to hair. It is a colored mask, with 14 shades and the color lasts between 7 or 10 washes.

3. Moroccanoil: vibrant color for weeks

If you want to experiment with a hair tone, this Moroccanoil color mask has very daring colors and dark neutrals. There are 7 different shades for blonde and dark hair. The color can last up to a week or more, this will depend on its use. This mask can give you a shade with lighted strands in your hair. It does not cover gray hair, so take it into consideration.

Always apply a moderate amount and separate your hair, to be able to cover everything and not notice uneven color. It can be used regardless of your hair type. While lighter your hair, you will notice more those vibrant colors, of this mask of color.