If you are in menopause or notice some symptoms, but do not want to resort to any medicine, there are home remedies to calm some symptoms of menopause. We recommend 3 ingredients that are natural and you can use them safely during menopause. Remember that every menopause treatment takes time, so don’t lose your patience.

1. Consume maca to calm hot flashes and increase libido

Maca helps to calm hot flashes because it is an adaptogen, with this your body can assimilate hormonal changes and can regulate hormonal imbalance. With frequent consumption you can eliminate hot flashes and increase levels of female libido. You can consume maca powder, but it is very strong and some women dislike it. This will depend on you.

These pills do not taste as strong and will be easier for you to consume. Also if you combine it with a smoothie or smoothie it will help feeling satisfied for several hours.

2. A valerian tea to sleep and not wake up from night sweats

You probably have nights when hot flashes and sweat won’t let you sleep, consuming a valerian tea will help you you can sleep peacefully. It is suggested to consume an hour before sleeping. It may take time at first, but in a few weeks you will see the changes.

Valerian also helps you relax, free from anxiety and stress. With a valerian tea your body can completely relax. Choose to sleep with rLightweight cloth made of materials such as linen or cotton, because it transpires the skin better.

3. Sweet potato cream to relieve hot flashes and sweating

Sweet potato cream has vitamin C, E and progesterone It helps you control those menopausal symptoms. It should be applied to your neck, stomach, chest, legs and back, do it in the morning so that at night and all day you can feel fresh and calm. When applying this cream, it also cares for the skin as it has vitamin E and shea butter to prevent it from drying out.

Sweet potato cream can calm some menopausal symptoms. Treatments may take a few weeks so be patient. This cream have 65% satisfaction.