Relieve pain and discomfort with these special belts.

The inguinal hernias They occur when tissue, such as part of the intestine, protrudes through some weak part of the abdominal muscles. It can be painful when you bend over, cough, or lift a heavy object, which can affect your lifestyle. To help you alleviate this discomfort, we recommend some restraint belts that men and women can use to control the inguinal hernia.

1. SDA: Support Belt for hernia


Is a practical support for inguinal hernia that you can comfortably wear over your underwear and without noticing that you are wearing it. Perfectly engages and presses on the groin area.

You can use this girdle belt type to go to work, when you play sports and for daily life. In this way you will feel comfortable and avoid feeling pressure.

2. Underworks: Inguinal Hernia Suspender


Can be used by men and women. It provides you with a strong and soft support for the groin area with adjustable straps that close with velcro. Includes removable pads to support the right, left or both sides.

It is made for ease the pain and the discomfort of inguinal hernias on the left and right sides. You can wear your regular underwear over the corset. The material prevents the proliferation of bacteria and odors.

3. Champion: Single or Double Hernia Belt


Light and comfortable It is designed to keep groin hernias under control and can be used with both adjustable pads or with a single removable pad for a single hernia.

It is a support with effective controlAdjusting easily with the hook loop at the waist and leg straps provide constant pressure. You can use it for all your daily activities.