She sports radiant hair.

Hair damage is normal, but there are products that help more than others. These products have a higher concentration, and can help you faster. No product is magical and fast, so you must be consistent and prevent it from further damage. We give you 3 products that are a perfect treatment for damaged hair and look perfect at the end of the year parties.

Living Proof: Moisturizing mask that restores cuticle damages and prevents further damage

If you have dry and damaged hair, it is necessary to use a mask to hydrate the hair. This one from Living Proof strengthens and repairs the hair fiber. Contains ingredients such as glycolic acid that helps smooth, cleanse, and regenerate hair. It also has ingredients such as beeswax and tucumán seed butter, which are responsible for rrestore damaged cuticles and moisture levels, strengthens hair and protects it from future damage.

It leaves about 10 minutes after applying your shampoo and rinsing. You can leave it a few more minutes if you wish. This mask to hydrate hair can be applied to colored hair.

Remilia Hair: hair ampoules with argan oil, keratin and amino acids

A great solution to do an intensive treatment with your hair are blisters. These have a higher concentration, because it is to repair a little faster. These hair ampoules have vitamin B5, amino acids, argan oil and keratin that serve to hydrate, take care of hair from heat products, better structure and improvement for hair growth.

They must be opened and placed on all your hair, you can use it once a week on dry or wet hair. It is as if you put a intensive treatment once a week. A great advantage is that it protects you from high temperature products.

3. Olaplex: shampoo for damaged hair that protects and gives strength and more elasticity

You should definitely use a shampoo that can repair your hair, Olaplex one of the best brands for hair care has an intense shampoo to repair any damage. This shampoo repairs, eliminates frizz, frizz, pprotects and gives more elasticity. It is ideal for any type of hair, you only need little product, remember to wash only the scalp.

Remember to be patient with the results, as it can take time for the hair to really see total changes in your hair. Try to bathe with warm waterdo not rub too much with the towel and avoid brushing it when it is wet, this makes the hair break.

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