Having limited time to cook does not mean you have to settle for eating anything …

You may have a list of plans to stay healthy: more physical activity and going to the gym, drinking more water, eating healthy, sleeping better, bringing food to work. In short the long list and many times, it is possible, that you feel that time does not give you at all.

Let’s face it, when time is limited It seems easier to buy something to eat already prepared than to invent who knows what in the kitchen. So I believe in planning and preparation. I invite you to try it. First establish menu ideas that you can develop in the week and buy according to what you are going to use. You will not only save money but also time. Second, prepare. Wash ingredients, cut, and store in glass containers or bags in the fridge. When the time comes to prepare something, you will have almost everything ready. Third, cook once but eat two or three times. How? Make enough servings for it to last. So you can leave food for lunch and who knows if you can even accompany something the next day.

With that in mind today I want to offer you 3 articles that have made my life much easier in the kitchen and that they have helped me put the turbo on when it comes to cooking.

  1. InstantpotIt is where many of the kitchen instruments come together. You save time and space because you have 7 instruments in 1. Pressure cooker, slow cooker, rice cooker, to sauté, make yogurt, keep warm. The best, everything is fast. You can program it to stop making beans, stir fries, rice, soups while you continue doing other things at home. As they say in English “set it and forget it”
  2. Slow cooking pot– A cheaper option would be a slow cooker. In it you can soften legumes, make soups, stews … Everything cooks while you keep doing other things

Taking recipe ideas what you can do in a two by three:

  1. High speed mixer – At home it helps a lot to have a high speed mixer. Imagine being able to add ingredients and have a hot and ready soup in minutes. Or have the portion of a shake in a container, pour it and in a matter of minutes have a healthy and smooth shake. Or make mixes for hummus or falafel in no time.

By: Mayra Ortiz-Nieves

Women’s Health Coach

Certified Kundalini Yoga Teacher

Licensed Massage Therapist