How to sleep well and soundly?

Work, family, food and even the weather can make our dream not complete or stress to the limit. Lavender essential oil is one of the best relaxing sleep oils. Its properties are anti-inflammatory and are a natural relaxant. There are several ways to apply lavender essential oil to the skin. Here are our recommendations and the best lavender oils for you to sleep through the night without so much stress.

An atomizer to put on your bedding and sleep for hours and hours

Refresh your mind, relax and relieve the tension of your body to sleep better and the stress stops. To use it you can combine a little vodka, about 10 drops of lavender essential oil and natural water. This is so that the lavender oil does not evaporate. You can put it in an atomizer so that the mist may cover your back, and even bedding.

By combining lavender oil with water and vodka it helps them penetrate your clothes and skin much better. Lavender oil can relieve tension on the back, neck and chest.

Deflate, relax and a natural pain reliever to relax your muscles

Always look for an organic lavender essential oil, as some that are very cheap may contain very little essential oil. Lavender oil has anti-inflammatory, pain-relieving properties and relaxes you. Even if you can drink a chamomile lavender tea and then apply the lavand essential oilto live in the areas where you feel the most tension.

Don’t forget the soles of the feet. Lavender essential oil can be applied in children and older adults. Start with little product, so as not to oversaturate the skin.

3. Relieves bumps and sprains, as well as relieves stress

This lavender essential oil is therapeutic grade, which can relax your body and also help deflate if you had a blow to the leg or arm. Place 2 times a day and let it penetrate very well, avoid covering the affected area.

This presentation of lavender essential oil has a small roll-on container for you to take everywhere. Putting it on the parts with the most stress will help you relax. Its aroma is relaxing, but if you don’t like its aroma so much you can combine with other essential oils, to modify the aroma.